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Get your cafe moving towards ZERO WASTE with our RENOME Basic starter pack!


This is our affordable pack for cafes who want to test the concept out on a budget.





  • 5 Australian Made RENOME Cups (12oz / 340ml) (4 Orange + 1 Clear)
  • 5 Australian Made RENOME Lids
  • 5 RENOME Tokens
  • Point Of Sale information
  • RENOME Reusable Cup Network information
  • Membership to the RENOME Network which gets you registered on our network, listed on our Partner Map and a post welcoming your business on our instagram and facebook accounts.


Pricing info - Cups and lids $5 each, Tokens $5 each. 


*Note these products are only available to registered businesses with verifiable trading addresses and social media accounts. Please include your business name ABN and trading address at checkout. We will verify these details prior to shipment. 


Contact us at for further information.

RENOME basic starter pack

SKU: RE5+5
Excluding GST
  • By joining the RENOME Reusable Cup Network, businesses agree:

    • to offer cups to customers for a refundable deposit of $3
    • to offer lids to customers for a refundable deposit of $2
    • to accept cup and lid returns from customers who may have obtained the cup from another business, and refund the deposit.
    • cups and lids may not be sold as 'cheap keep cups', they must remain within the RENOME Network to help Australia acheive zero waste coffee on the go!


    Further information can be obtained through the RENOME Partner Agreement or by contacting us at

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