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Crafter™  Sample, 50 or 100 Cup Pack.


Need a reusable clear cup for your venue or festival?

Comply with the WA government's ban on single use plastics with the Crafter™ cup!


Test out our Crafter™ with a sample, or get a pack of 50 to get started right away.


Made in Western Australia, with a capacity of 340ml (and approx 400mls when filled to the rim), it's perfect for craft beer and cold drink servings.


Perfect for your bar or event, the Crafter™ features:


  • Made in Western Australia
  • Schmiddy sized (between a schooner and a middy!)
  • Fill lines at 170ml and 340 mls, with markings at 230ml and 285ml for drinks of varying sizes.
  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight
  • Stackable
  • Commercially dishwasher safe
  • Air dries upside down
  • Fully recyclable


Pricing info - each Crafter™ pack + postage and handling. 


Contact to discuss your requirements.


*Note that the Crafter™ cup is for reuse applications only, such as within venues or events where the cup is returned for reuse. Renome does not sell cups for promotional giveaways.


*Disclaimer: The sale of alcohol in Australian States and Territories is subject to a number of legislative requirements. If using the Crafter™ cup for service of alcoholic beverages, it is the responsibility of venues, festival and event organises to ensure they do so in compliance with these laws. When serving beer in a Crafter™ cup, venues must ensure that the capacity of the cup is stated at place or time of purchase or point of sale.


Crafter™ Venue and Festival Cup

Excluding GST
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